Saturday, May 23, 2015

Really enjoying PASTEL GHOST right now. Tagged as 'dreamrave', it hits the right combination of driving electronic beat associated with post-rave synthpop music like TR/ST, Mr Kitty, with the dreamwave/shoegaze influences in the voacals and production. Some of it reminds me of Crystal Castles, but without the 'gameboy drowning in a bathtub' vibe. Check out PASTEL GHOST, and related artists - Excellent stuff. I hope she tours Toronto sometime this year.

East Troy Music - Softerall

This track has a great, driving synth, reflective/wistful female lyrics, and a chord progression near the end that sounds like Brad Fidel's "TERMINATOR" theme. 

It was also featured in this equally amazing set by Benzin187:

Friday, May 1, 2015

Witchtrap and Bieber

I might be hearing things, but to me this sounds like a reworked sample from Justin Bieber's "Baby" song, sampled as the hook for this super-dark Witchtrap song: